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                    B I O G R A P H Y



                    I P P A Z I O   F R A C A S S O - B A A C K E



          1960  born in Parabita, Apulien (Italy)



 1973-1976  attended Istituto d‘Arte in Italy, also studied artsmithing



 1976-1983  worked in various fields, such as video clip production,

                    design and advertising

                    lived in France, Denmark and Germany


          1978  permanently resided at Hannover, attended a private

                    drama school with majors in      

                    classical ballet and modern dance


          1984  began professional activities as a painter and sculptor,

                    many museumjourneys in Paris,

                    Vienna, Munich, Berlin and Italian cities


          1985  first exclusive exhibition in the art gallery „Galla“ in           Hannover,

                    opening by city commissioner

                    and Italian Consulate


          1986  received the „ Award For Outstanding Italian Artists of Lower Saxony“

                    at Wolfsburg for the oil painting „Journey to Parabita“


          1987  resides at Bielefeld and opened his studio;

                    experiments with different techniques

                    educational stay Paris dedicated his work to

                    „nature morte“ and architectural phantasies

                    numerous exhibitions in galleries and on Art Fairs throughout

                    the Federal Republic of Germany (Hannover, Berlin, Bielefeld,

                    Wolfsburg, Lippstadt, Hamburg,

                    Braunschweig,  Tecklenburg) listed in the German edition of „Who is Who“

                    television report in WDR about his work as well

                    as radio report in Radio Colonia


          1988  numerous articles about his work in newspapers and magazines

                    Development of a collector's circle in Germany and Italy


          1989  Experiments with diverse techniques,

                    studies of traditional Italian Renaissance painting

                    (at Bologna, Venice, Ferrara and Rome)


          1990  developed the technique of combining forms and themes

                    of traditional Italian and modern art,

                    for example "Venus", "Der heilige Sebastian" (The Holy Sebastian)


          1991  created his own style of "Concrescismo", as merging

                    of traditional and contemporary

                    forms and colors, portraits, Natura Morte and architectural phantasies


          1992  selected by a committee of the City of Venice

                    to exclusively exhibit at the gallery

                    „Centro D‘ arte“, San VidaL U.C.A.I. in Venice

                    exhibitions in Hannover, Bremerhaven, Cologne, Berlin (Germany)

                    and Udine (Italy)


          1993  further advancement of Concrescismo (Concrescismo II)

                    beginning of the project theme „Italia e Germania“


          1994  second exhibition at „Centro D‘ arte San Vidal

                    U.C.A.I. in Venice, Tecklenburg, Düsseldorf

                    concept of "PANEM ET ARTES"

                    for Mestemacher GmbH in Gütersloh, design

                    of first edition of collector bread cans, reproduction of painting

                    "Entrances" (Oil on Canvas)


          1995  design of second edition of the "PANEM ET ARTES"

                    collector bread cans, reproduction of painting

                    Messages to the Empire of the Cock"  Oil on Canvas),

                    Mestemacher GmbH in Gütersloh



          1997  invitation to Biennale Venice, Palazzo Albrizzi


          1998  proposal for design of postcard edition "BrechtPOSTille"

                    by Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung in Bonn


          2000  listed in Visionen2000.de, 100 personalities in politics, science and art

                    design of third edition of "PANEM ET ARTES"

                    collector bread cans, reproduction of painting

                    "The Lion    of Venice" for Mestemacher GmbH in Gütersloh


           2001 listed in "Lexikon der Bildenden und Gestaltenden

                    Künstlerinnen und Künstler in Westfalen-Lippe" by Helmut Ebert


 2002-2004  installs on theological topics in the context of family worship

                    in the Jodokus-Church in Bielefeld


          2005  listed in "Das Allgemeine Künstler-Lexikon" K.G. Saur, München – Leipzig

                    jury member of the StartGalerie, project of the Kinderschutzbund Bielefeld


          2008  Foundation of the Association Gallery K.E.S. Bielefeld e.V.,

                    the patron and the first Chairman


          2009  Patron of the StartGalerie, project of the              Kinderschutzbundes Bielefeld


           2011  Academy for  film and television (HFF)

                    "Konrad Wolf" Potsdam, 100 years city of film Potsdam


          2012  Works to religious sculptures for the church St. Martinus

                    and the city of Olpe


          2013  Commissions: picture San Rocco (large format)

                    and picture for the in the end of 2013  blessed spoken

                    Maria Theresia Bonzel in the cathedral of Paderborn


          2014  „The three-dimensionality of the colours“ and sculptures,

                    in the lecture hallo f Sennestadt-house



          2015  Art-Event in the Galleria villa Blavius, Dissen


                    listed in Wikipedia


         2016 Exhibition “The Three Dimensions of Colours”

                  at Palazzo Vernazza,


                  “Art Music Video Presentation Castello Carlo V,

                  Lecce, Italy*

                  “ Classic and Art" Rudolf-Oetker-Halle, Bielefeld*


          2017 "Opera Arte”, Teatro Paisiello, Lecce, Italy*


                  “Kunstinstallation, Schloss Bodelschwingh, Dortmund,

                  Festa della Repubblica Italiana

                  in collaboration with soprano Claudia Oddo


         2018  Festa Nazionale Italiana, City Hall Dortmund, artistic choreography

                   Music: Claudia Oddo ( vocals), Enrico Tricarico (piano) Invitation Giordani iano)itre

         2019  Exhibition " Le tre dimenzioni dei colori" IIC, Cologne

                   in cooperation with the italian Consulate Dortmund

                   Recital: Claudia Oddo, Piano Nadja Naumova                             


                   Opera – Arte & More Teatro Italia, Gallipoli, Italy


                   Opera – Arte & More Konzerthalle Bad Salzuflen (D)

                   Opera – Arte & More Kunsthalle Bielefeld (D)
                   All events in cooperation with Claudia Oddo,  Musicians: Enrico

                   “Terra del Sole”, 

                   Choreography: Ninfa Fersini "& South Ballet”, "Mondo Musica choir"


         2019  receives the prestigious International Prize

                   "Apulian Excellence in the World" under the patronage of Foreign Affairs                         and International Cooperation, the Puglia Region and the City of Taranto 

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